Will we ever see another Owen or Rooney?


The premier league today has so much money, that the days of investing in youth academies seem to be gone.

Really, what is  the point, when everybody in the league has the money to buy proven international  and national players.

Yes, even teams like Sunderland  who have just returned to the Premier League are able to lure the likes of Cisse and Chimbonda.

While there is still hope for the lower end teams to develop youngsters, the end is coming due to the copious amounts of money available to teams.

Admittedly, I am a critic of the Arsenal style of football, which I feel for the talent at their disposal, is too soft to win a title. 

However Arsene Wenger seems to be amongst the few still looking to unearth young talent from the club.

Who can deny the excitement when a young Michael Owen first burst on the scene, or the young bullish Rooney who seemed fearless as he played against his idols.

I feel that’s better for the game than a big money signing like Shevchenko which turns to nothing.

So will there be another Rooney?

Sir Alex Ferguson was so famous for discovering raw English talent.

When was the last time you saw a young English player come through the ranks at Man U and command a regular place?

Sure, we have seen flashes of potential, but they usually just get loaned off to some young championship side.

The situation at Chelsea for example is an absolute joke.

The FA should really take a step back and see what direction this is all going.

Even Chelsea fans have to admit that it’s a pretty sad situation.

I reckon their Reserve side would qualify for the Champions League.

We need more attention on the future of the game.

Wishful thinking, I know!

At the end of the day money talks!untitled



 By TC


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