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Football news (Rooney cleared over Risgard)

Wayne Rooney has been cleared and will not be charged over the apparent stamp on Risgard in last week’s the Champions League match.

Redknapp has written off Arsenal’s tile chances for this season.

Portsmouth are shocked about being fined in relation to the transfer of Benjani to and from the club.

Benjani will be out for several weeks, after picking up a hamstring injury against Everton.


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Roy Keane has stated he will one day return as a manager.

Arsenal player Rosicky ruled out till March with hamstring problem.

Thailand manager Reid has ruled out a return to Sunderland.

Kinnear charged for Ref abuse over the weekend.


The Arsenal Debate



Why is it that Arsenal always plays their better football against the Big 4?

They have lost 5 league games this season; however they have beaten Man U and Chelsea.

In a nutshell, Arsenal plays good, free flowing football.

They are able to express this better against big teams because they too are trying to play good football.

This opens up gaps and the gunners are able to use the full extent of their attacking abilities.

However when they meet a side like Bolton who are happy to sit back most of the game, they are in trouble.

Hence the success of Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U, who are able to change their style to suit the opposition they are up against.

It seems that no matter the opposition, Arsenal refuse to change their style.

This culture is implemented into all the youngsters that are at the club.

However when you have William Gallas coming from a side like Chelsea, who is accustomed to ugly 1-0 victories, it makes things a little different.

It was only a matter of time till he got up and said something; obviously he is not used to this type of football.

Recent results have shown that against less favorable opposition, Arsenal have not been able to get the job done.

Wenger said it himself: “This season we have played better against the top four,” admitted Wenger at his pre-match press conference. “We cannot deny that because we lost against the teams who are not maybe favorites to play in the top four. Why? Maybe because they play a different type of football.







Arsenal – Lacking a tough guy

Hello World! This is my very first post for IDOTHISFORFOOTBALL. I hope you find my thoughts interesting. Well, after their predictable loss to Manchester City, it is Arsenal who will be my first subject. Many may feel the sacking of William Gallas as captain and subsequently being dropped was the reason for their loss. However this has been coming for some time. William Gallas commenting on the team lacking toughness answered all their problems. This merely does not mean mental toughness, but physical toughness in players. Every successful team has the unsung hero. By unsung hero I mean Defensive Midfielder. Arsenal, who plays wonderful football, falls short because they don’t have a recognized hard man. Pretty football is nice to watch, however it does not win matches, especially in English Football. Look how effective Masherano has been for Liverpool; Makelele was for Chelsea and the team now threatening Arsenals Big domination: Aston Villa. Aston Villa have benefited from hard men like Barry and Reo-Coker. Aston Villa too has flamboyant young players like Young and Agbonlahor, but are supported with the toughness of the likes of Barry. This role used to be played so well by Patrick Vieira, and since his departure players like Flamini have had cameo roles, without the effect of a Vieira. Until Arsenal realise or in Wenger’s case admit they need to get a recognised hard man, they will continue to slip up. Arsenal may still finish in the top four this season; however the gap between them and the chasing pack is definitely closing.



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