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Football news – Man u accept Evra ban

United have chosen not to appeal Evra’s 4 match suspension, as Man U boss calls it : “the worst decision I have ever known.”

Blackburn are looking to have a replacement for Ince by Saturday.

Rio Ferdinand has jumped on the this is not Arsenal’s season bandwagon, saying he feels the title challenge is between the other 3 sides.

City Chairman Gary Cook has stated that Mark Hughes is not  in danger of losing his job.


Football news : Ince sacked!



Blackburn have sacked manager Paul Ince. (Surprise, Surprise)

Blackburn’s last league win was against Newcastle United in September.

Naturally this was of great concern to the board, as Blackburn had finished 7th last season.

However they lie 19th on the League table today.

I predicted this outcome last week.( Everyone did!).

Zola is next…


Ince under more pressure as Blackburn lose again.











Wigan have dashed any hopes of a Blackburn revival with a 3- 0 trouncing.

We can surely start counting down the days till Ince is sacked.

This once again shows how underappreciated the role of a good football manager is.

Clubs feel they can simply bring in a former great player to run the club and that will work.

Unfortunately, this formula has proved to be inefficient, time and time again.

Amongst the worst performing managers this season have been players who have recently finished their football careers and where great players.

These include Roy Keane, Paul Ince and Zola.

Roy Keane has already walked away from the Sunderland post.

More than likely Ince and Zola will not have a job come end of the season.

Just like in football you have to do the hard yards.

This usually includes starting out at a lower division team, building up confidence and gradually progressing to the highest level.

The same applies in order to be a successful manager.

Sir Alex Ferguson did not start at Manchester United; he started at a less glamorous team developing his craft.

Ex-players cannot simply be thrust into a managerial post in the premiership without being tested in lower leagues for an adequate amount of time.

It is fair to say that the majority of people underappreciate how difficult it is to manage a football side.

This season has definitely proven what a lack of experience can cause.

To put things in perspective, I’ll break it down in business terms.

Since the premier league is the highest division in English football, we will make our comparisons with the biggest businesses.

If you owned Virgin or British Airways would you hire your highest ranking manager if they had insufficient experience in such a role, or would you hire someone that has been tried and tested in the industry over a period of time?

I’m sure most people will go for the tested experience.

In conclusion, can we please stop hiring these ex-players that have not proved themselves as good managers.

They’ve proved themselves to be good players, but not good managers.










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